Leo Espinosa
November 2007
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One more page done for the Graphic Design magazine from Colombia Proyecto Diseño. I decided to change the drawing style for the conclusion of the story just because I was craving some pen and ink. Capitán Orejas and his archenemy (secret crush) Metropol Bunny are inspiring me to do a longer comic and I started to doodle some new ideas.
To the left, a detail of Metropol's gang stealing my version of a Yoshitomo Nara's paintings.
King in a Box
While looking for a lost comic book through a bunch of boxes I found one with a cover by fellow Drawgeroid J.D.King and if I'm not mistaken I think I got it from Peter Kuper when he was my teacher at SVA.
I know, this isn't really an article but I felt like sharing. C'est tout.
The Element of Surprise

Constantly, I like to look at street art as an example, not because of its own content necessarily but because I admire what their creators do to catch your eye in the middle of environments sometimes as overwhelming as Time Square. These two examples are my latest favorites: The one on top, a picture from Amsterdam that plays with your imagination in a very powerful way and the second a shot from the Trevi fountain in Rome, taken when a "vandal" turned the color of its water blood red in front of hundreds of tourists a few weeks ago; After the outrage Romans declared that the fountain had become invisible to their eyes and that this act made them admire it again.

I think that element of surprise is something that has been forgotten in our world of illustration; A world that lately has turned more vibrant but still remains rather passive and sometimes too predictable (Hanoch, this doesn't apply to you). Can we think out of the box -or the magazine- and try to create or recreate new things based on illustration? What can be a good challenge and better yet, are we looking for one?
The Monsters of Crescent Street
Year after year, the cool folks of Crescent Street in my neighborhood go all the way with Halloween. My favorite part is the kids' drawings of monsters they project from house to house and the giant video at the end of the block flashing fast images of kids making faces. Here's some pics from last night.
Is this cool or what?
Ghosted Sofia with projected Drawings. Spooooky!
The devil was there too, of course.
This is a still from the video. I'm trying to upload it to YouTube but I'm having some problems. Rats!
And these are Ben's Pumpkin + Sofia's Pumpkin. Now, where did those kids hide their candy?
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