Leo Espinosa
June 2006
Post Licensing Trauma
This week is supposed to be relaxing and somehow rejuvenating (meaning with tons of sleep) but this year the ball is still rolling after The Licensing Show. Holly Cow, I don't want to look at the calendar again because there's just too much to finish by the end of the summer. Things are starting to take shape after a couple of years of doing the show, and gotta tell you it feels good to be over the initial hump of braking into a new arena.

Here's a picture of Laura in our booth, which by the way collapsed during the night prior to the show and I almost got a heart attack when I saw it in the morning. We had about 15 minutes to fix it, but we made it before doors opened (Phew!)

American Greetings, who is doing a tremendous job with one of most beloved babies (SushiPack) had these beautiful models at their space. They completely cheered me up in a sec after out booth incident. Cheers to AG for being xtra nice with us!

...and with my sushi platter!

As you can see, the Pack was everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!

I'm glad fellow Grawger(ers?) RAG, Noah and Dave, stopped by, although we only had a few minutes to hang out. New York is just SO kwel! Even Blu and Mac showed up.

These last pics are of our friendly Brooklyn host, DJ Camila.
Licensing Show
Cut and paste banners and more banners
We are on our way to NYC for the licensing show at the Javits Center. The car is packed but I had to post my weekly update. Studio Espinosa will be in booth 1771. If any of you would like to go please send me an e-mail. I still don't know if we can get more people in but I'll find out today.
Here's some pics of these past crazy weeks.
My good friend Epson ate a lot of these bugs
The portfolio
Low in java... that's not good. Can you guys see my loyal G4?
the printed material
Mi friend Chico got me the flag... Joga Brasil!
My Architect
Inspired by Nancy, David, Adam and Peter who also has shown his dad's great sculptures, I decided to post this note.
My dad, Ernesto, died when I was thirteen, at the moment I was starting to know the man and not just the father. He was the funniest and warmest person I've ever met and after twentysomething years I still miss him tremendously. He used to call me to his drafting table to help him figure out blueprints, and when I gave him what I thought was the solution, he would go -That's it, Leo! you're a genius, thanks a bunch- and I would feel so darn good.
Illustrators are the nicest people

And to prove it, here's what I found in my mailbox last friday:
A signed copy of the inspiring sketch compilation "98 pages" by Craig Frazier, AND also "Pizzeria Kamikaze", a gorgeous comic printed with some fancy schmancy silver tones that my friend Asaf Hanuka sent from Israel. Up until today it's been raining like crazy here and these two books sure did their job cheering me up. Thanks for your generosity guys, I mean it!
First print done
Dragon in Cactusland
A few weeks ago I posted the pencil sketch for this piece, which will be my first print available on-line through The Happiness Store. It's number one in the Dragon Tamer series (13"x33" approximately). was supposed to open this week but I'm also doing a booklet and the booth design for The Licensing Show, which starts on the 20th... Yikes, gotta go!
Hopper + The New Yorker

In Hal's post about Hopper, David Flaherty mentioned that he noticed I used The Nighthawks as a reference for a personal piece I did a couple of years ago -It was cool to see that at least one person got the visual reference-.
It actually was an idea I had for The New Yorker right when smoking was being banned in bars in Manhattan and people were moving the party outside, creating all sorts of problems. I guess I should start submitting ideas like Richard if I ever want to be in the magazine.
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