Leo Espinosa
April 2006
All over the place
I'm totally fried. Feeling a little like Rob D. with a bunch of projects going on and only 23 productive hours during the day.
Today I started developing these new character for the licensing show called Ninjamaica (a rastafari ninja as you would guess, who slowly, very slowly fights for... I don't know, he forgot, mon)
Also produce a bunch of views of this chair for a promotional video and cranked out my contribution for the third issue of, which theme will be lies.
Double espresso, please.
I will post new Ninjamaica stuff pretty soon.
This is what pays the bills.
Lies, lies, lies. yeah! as the Thompson Twins would say.
Doodle of the day
Freida's Father in-law, Sir Francis Freido Cat IV in his racing machine

Inspired by Hal's latest post about cars, relatives, and his cat Freida, I created my doodle of the day.
I'm working on a pretty dry assignment and this kitty made my day.
Last month, Oscar Grillo posted some amazing drawings of the catalan artist Jacob and I went crazy about these two in particular.
After reading Randall's post, I'm even more obsessed with the power of line drawings vs the eternal quest for realism.
Famous for a week

Spring is finally here, so last night I took a midnight stroll and to my surprise the Weekly Dig (which is like the Voice but nicely designed) had just put all the new issues in their groovy orange boxes with a cover illustration I submitted to them a few weeks ago. Luckily, I had my camera.
Many years ago, a friend in Brooklyn told me about a guy called John Copeland, who had the most amazing sketch book ever and pointed me to his site. The collection of John's  journals has grown tremendously and his art just keeps getting better and better. You'll see, once you start going through his work you're not going to want to stop.
Ron Mueck

Since I've been trying to do some sculpture work, playing with crazy proportions has become a great joy for me. But I guess I'm not the only one. Check out some of Ron Mueck's amazing pieces.
The Real Thing
I couldn't help it... fridays are not the most productive days for me anyway, and this knight was in need of a castle. Talking about castles I'm opening the first New Castle Brown Ale of the season... Cheers Drawgers, Have a relaxed weekend!
Back to the drawing board
I updated the Sketch-o-rama section mainly because I've been going through a lot of my old sketches and I'm studying the ones I like the most, the ones that capture movement or expression. Lately, I've been feeling that my illustration assignments are coming out a bit rigid and I guess that's because I'm forgetting to give my interpretation of the article and I end up doing a description of the topic instead. Who knows, but I feel that I need to recover a lot of the energy my sketches have. Or at least I think they have.
Cactus Super Hi Tech Movie

I keep playing with this mini sculpture... the graphics that will wrap around the cactus are almost done and I'll post them here soon, but I wanted to see the actual thing rotating so I did a quick Flash movie yesterday. My handy dandy sketch book worked as a background.
Arthur de Pins

This is vector art with a heart! There's nothing stiff or robotic in the art of Arthur de Pins. He is a master with color, light and above all the expressions of his characters are truly amazing. (some of his illustrations get pretty sexy, beautiful and voluptuous, but hey, the guy is french, so there)
His animations are too, very clever, so please do not miss Geraldine and my absolutely favorite, La Révolution des Crabes.
Au revoir!
La Révolution des Crabes
Doodle of the day
Me no like SNOW in April!!!
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