Leo Espinosa
The Dragon Tamer
The head of the dragon and the little guy are interchangeable and rotate.
It's been two years since I started a design studio with my wife Laura, mainly to create characters and products for licensing, and we've been learning quite a lot about that whole new industry. Things move rather slowly in terms of contracts and legal stuff but we are really happy to be creatively active again (editorial illustration wasn't doing the trick for me) and so far we have nailed a couple of gigs in the entertainment world. We'll see how that goes. Among a bunch of new creations, I'm developing this set called The Dragon Tamer, which started as a prototype for a bronze sculpture and now is part of a series of illustrations I would like to silkscreen once I'm done designing the character and his environment. I'll be posting new images of The Tamer as I make progress with it.
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