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February 2012
Next year's Oscar predictions
From Sunday's LA Times, Susan Brenneman, Wes Bausmith ED, AD.
Cab Calloway and Me

Here are some clips from the American Masters doc by Gail Levin: Cab Calloway Sketches. This will run nationally Monday night at 10 Eastern. I am one of the sketchers. Dig these crazy clips, man. My fave is Cab himself giving us a guided tour through swing era Harlem, complete with an authentic illustrated map, now deftly animated by Asterisk Studios. Enjoy.

First, above, is yours truly drawing Cab to Minnie the Moocher, who then animates and dances with Alvin Ailey's amazing Matthew Rushing,. Thanks again to Asterisk

Cab himself on the the golden age of Harlem (or at least one of them):

A fun story by members of the Blues Brothers band about Cab during the making of the Blues Brothers movie:

Here's the trailer for the film:

Valentine Crushes of the Day

This Valentine's Day considering the true romances flourishing in politics. Opening a new animated series for the brand new Washington Spectator site, Also running now on the Huffington Post.  Many thanks to Lou Dubose, Hamilton Fish, Emily Gordon, Betty Russell, Alissa Levin, Edel Rodriguez and everyone who made this new site possible. This is just beginning; happy for all feedback.
The Odd Couple Part 1

 "On January 31, Newt Gingrich was  told that he was no longer wanted in the state of Florida.  Soon he  found himself looking for a home in the Super Tuesday states along with his similarly-hated friend Mitt Romney. Can two severely messed-up men share a dysfunctional political party without driving each other crazy?!!!!!"

Thanks to Ron Brownstein and Jan Zimmeck for making this happen. And to Ron for the shout-out on this morning's interesting chatfest with the always interesting Soledad O'Brien. Back atcha.

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