Steve Brodner
April 2008
Strange Fruit
Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into
In last week's NY Times a great photo by Loao Silva showed Capt. Logan Veath trying to negotiate with Iraqi soldiers who were abandoning their positions.  Ummm, does the whole army look like Kramer?
Pennsylvania Polka-Dots
With Pennsylvania keeping the muddle going, we can look back at how we got there.  This piece on the debate and the latest Naked Campaign movie track the fun, content-free road to the White House. Click to
Rupert Hurls
Hope you all can see the My Wall Street Journal by Tony Hendra and many of our friends.  It's been mysteriously missing since its debut last week. so grab a copy when you can.   This film on Youtube may explain why or, as I suspect, it's another parody.  Fun in any case.  In this drawing Rupert is upchucking Tony and Rick Meyerowitz, his fellow Lampoon alum.  PS:  This pencil is for Leo.

Murdoch Freaks -
The Naked Campaign: McCain's War
Yesterday and today we've seen the now routine spectacle of Petraeus and Crocker coming to Washington to tell the Congress and the rest of us to butt out of their war-thing.  Surprisingly, the Congress, even the Republicans, yesterday, shouted back, Hell no!  This from Dowd today:
"They arrived on the heels of the Maliki debacle in Basra, which made it stunningly clear — after a cease-fire was brokered in Iran — that we’re spending $3 trillion as our own economy goes off a cliff so that Iran can have a dysfunctional little friend.
Not good news, given Ahmadinejad’s announcement that his scientists are putting 6,000 new uranium-enriching centrifuges in place."
And there sat McCain, strapped to this war.  Here's our film about that.  Click on Winnie to watch.

Person of the Day
1.    Mark Penn leaving the Clinton campaign at the precisely wrong moment (for them).
2.    The steady drip, drip of previously committed Clinton super delegates to Obama.
3.    Clintons financially tapped out in PA, with BO can spend like mad.
What does this feel like to you?  The huge Outlook cover in the Post on Sunday gives it the big wink.
Heston's Gun Control Criterion Met
Saloogie with Chuck's gun!

Person of the Day
Disgraceable Yoo.  John Yoo, attorney, US Justice Dept.  A new Yoo memo has come to light that links Gitmo and Abu Ghraib torture with people at the highest levels of the Bush Administration.  Read the Times story from  yesterday.  Also do not miss this brilliant Frontline: BUSH’S WAR, totally watchable online.  As you watch this steady blow-by-blow account of the fraud of Iraq, note the staggering number of crimes of omission and commission by Bush and Co.  If there were a true Justice Department Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld would all be serving their country, safely and humanely, in jail.
Person of the Day
Julio Diaz, whose amazing story on NPR’s Story Corps shows how creativity can change reality.  This idea can be applied by anyone, anywhere.  All we need is a bit of practice.  And Mr. Diaz is a very fine teacher.  (This piece is better heard than read).
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