Today in Zombies

APRIL 15, 2009
The most talked about book today is Seth Graham-Smith’s “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies”.  On the apparently correct theory that you can improve just about anything with zombies, this author is now hard at work on “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” (the two book deal purportedly netting him $575,000).  Why, Mr. Graham-Smith, must you struggle to invent zombies when you can see the NY Times practically calling out to you with one example after another.  In the same page as the announcement of your book deal , woops! there’s the jolly face of the perennially undead Glenn Beck.  Now that wasn’t hard was it?  (I’ve taken the liberty to correct the photo here).  Example two, last Saturday’s front page: its meaning undeniable. Another priceless public service by newspapers.

PS: This is for Roberto.  Thanks for the tip.  You can see what happens at the touch of the zombie's hand, instant death.  We all grieve for the poor man, who now, most likely, stalks the docks at night.  Here's the clip: