Hangin' Party

JANUARY 14, 2009
Anelle Miller, our beloved exec. direc. with Tom Stavrinos
The Annual Sequential Art Show opening at the SI is this Friday eve.   It’s now an established institution there but wasn’t until Joe Ciardiello’s year as Chair when he and Terry Brown made this happen.  I remember being in the room giving all possible support (I was awake at the time as I recall).  I was uop there last week because some laggard straggled in with a late piece.  Forget who that was.  Anyway here’s some of the crew caught in the act.
Kate Feirtag and Tara Jacoby. I can never understand the power Cuneo images have over women.
Kevin Schneider
On the walls: Entire Kuper pages
Cuniforms in the flesh, including all the highly tasteful and beautifully realized images for the poster.