Good News for Infirm Man Left in Brooklyn Bus

JANUARY 3, 2009
The driver didn’t say goodnight.
The CP guy all strapped strapped in
And silent.
Silent in the freeze in the Brooklyn Depot.
Left all night.
But it’s Good News for the crippled CP guy!

Then it was Good News for the two kids
With the Dead Mom, who were both feared dead
By Triple Homicide Dad
Who later whacked himself in NC.
They are OK, police say, after Amber Alert
Moved across the skin of America.

Good News for them because they are News.
All night today, thelarrykingandycooper360
Mediameals on Wheels rolls on.
Ours to have and hold them in hand’s hollow
And likey’know Care:
For them in their Hellnight:
The Unlove, the Anti-love suddenly filling their lungs.


The Amber shines in the little girl’s hair.
Maybe it’s her name.
And the boy in the wheelchair.
And the weeping, throbbing Mom and the
Whoever she is, being arrested in Brooklyn.
All live, all day. Today.
Good news for them: we see them.
Their world and ours overlap.
For today.

In the NY Times there’s a picture
Of an 8 year-old boy in Gaza.
No meds for him. He is lost and, as the NY Times says,
Did soon die.
In Gaza or Tel Aviv I missed the whole
Goddamned Amber Alert for him.
When was it?
And he might have seen it on the TV before he slipped off
His Little Gaza life.

Anderson Cooper, up to his pippick in New Years confetti
Breaking in
With the Alert about Little Ismael Hamdan.  All Gone Missing.
And then he’d crouch down in a rooftop corner and with
Cracked Voice and Wet Eyes alert us to all the names
Of the Ambers in the Middle East.
Lost Ones
All Night Long and on into The New Year.
All Points Bulletins out for Alena, Ahmed, Schlomo.
And maybe their hair could all be colorized Amber.

And maybe we would have them in our lives
As we have had the others,
We would start to have their moment
Of total madness that brings
The Un-love, Anti-love to suddenly fill their lungs.
For today
That would be a thing