So they call me "Concentration-Camp-Dubya"!

DECEMBER 4, 2008
  In this month’s Harper’s Scott Horton argues that of all the crimes by Bush and Co. and, woof, there have been many, the most actionable and important one is the policy of widespread and systematic torture.  He carefully lays out the case.  AD Stacey Clarkson laid out the page of the Bush gang having their reunion at Gitmo. This arrives along with the piece in the Washington Post by a former interrogator, writing under a pseudonym, who gives evidence that torture, while being dehumanizing to victim as well as torturer, is also ineffective.  Zarqawi was nailed by using tact and intelligence, he shows.  He also contends that number of US service men and women dead because of the blowback from OUR torture exceeds the toll of 9/11. Don’t bogey that bread crust, George.