Naked Campaign: Coda

NOVEMBER 10, 2008
Here is the last film in our series for The New Yorker.  We are honored here by an appearance by the great jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis, whose honest and beautiful solo gives this piece something hard to put into words. Works well with Bob's brilliant cover this week as well.  Many thanks to all our friends who supported this series and in a very real way made it all possible. Si se puede.

Here’s a shot of our crew, a wonderful bunch who made these 28 films happen through their great generosity and sheer will. Gail and I will be eternally grateful to them and hope to reward their belief in us with future projects (er, at better pay, natch). They are Christine Riley (holding Lucia, miniature greyhound and deep strategic thinker), Brian O’Connell, Richard O’Connor (the geniuses of Asterisk Animation), Ben Shapiro (our DP), Gail and a familiar ink-stained wretch). Thanks also to Chris Curry, David Remnick, Pam McCarthy, Blake Eskin of the New Yorker who were very easy on us, even in the throes of extreme political angst (like the night of the New Hampshire primary when everyone KNEW Obama would win!). This was a rare moment in illustration and American history and we are grateful to have been in the cat bird seat. Here’s to an extended-play miracle. The US and the world can use one.