Hate Jockey Clubhouse Extra:

OCTOBER 21, 2008
Michele O-Bummer vs. Hurrican Katrina
Let’s face it. We know who the president is going to be.  Let us all get hep and fast to who will be running the hate network starting not Nov. 5 . . .  but now. Here’s one for starters. Michele Bachman, running in Minnesota, on the dying winds of the Gingrich storm of 14 years ago, is giving us the time of day in Red America. Here’s her now-celebrated performance on Hardball last week, calling for investigations of “Liberals” (who are feared above all by the fundamentalist right) and Katrina vanden Heuvel’s extremely sharp rejoinder.  We need the bugs to get all the light we can shine on them and keep the public discourse for people with working frontal lobes.
Michelle Bachman Calls Liberals "Anti-American"