SEPTEMBER 30, 2008
Here's our latest, asking the question: How can a maverick maverick a maverick if a maverick's maverick won't maverick no more?  Click to watch:

PS: Happy to announce Naked Campaign makes its TV debut Weds night on the Sundance Channel.  Not sure when but it'll be in between something.  Many thanks to Judith Helfand for all the belief in us and the heavy lifting and Christopher Barry and everyone at Sundance for giving us this wonderful venue.
PPS: For anyone conscious at 10AM Sunday you might want to catch Barry and me do a "master class" at the New Yorker Festival.  We'll mostly discuss illustration and the campaign and I'll remind everyone about his Obama cover.  The audience will then scratch their heads and say, "Oh I think I remember that!"  And we'll all have a good laugh about it.