The War is Over

JUNE 26, 2008
Or so it would seem by the coverage we have been getting on the corporate media. “Since the start of last year, the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a part of the nonprofit Pew Research Center, has tracked reporting by several dozen major newspapers, cable stations, broadcast television networks, Web sites and radio programs. Iraq accounted for 18 percent of their prominent news coverage in the first nine months of 2007, but only 9 percent in the following three months, and 3 percent so far this year.”

  Meanwhile the dying goes on, as in this horrifying scene from a few days ago., in which a suicide bomb disrupted an Iraqi Council meeting in Sadr City where the US soldiers acted as unwitting human shields.  This man, Qasim al-Sudani, was injured but probably saved by the 4 Americans, one Italian and six Iraqis who were not.  One was a State Department worker, the fourth to die in Iraq.   In Mosul, a policeman and a child were killed.  In Southern Baghdad  the chairman of the local council was shot down with 9 bullets in his chest as he opened his door.

McCain and Co. are happy to say “we’re winning!”, where there is no objective and no clear way out.  McCain seems to be hoping for an assist form bin Laden.  He is definitely not getting one from this ad from MoveOn.org: