Person of the Day

JUNE 18, 2008
Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani, don of an Afghan/Pakistani terror network.  He is responsible for recent suicide bombings, a relatively new development in Afghanistan.  He runs a network of madrasas and terrorist groups including Al Qaeda.  He is protected by the government and by the US, as you can see by this very revealing few graphs from yesterday’s Times piece:
“Asked in 2006 why the Pakistani military did not move against Maulavi Haqqani, a senior Pakistani intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged that it was because he was a Pakistani asset.

Maulavi Haqqani has by now become so powerful in his redoubt that a Western military official who has worked in both Pakistan and Afghanistan said the problem of going after him was that the Pakistani military was not capable of taking him on and feared failure if it tried.

Pakistani forces accompanied by Americans raided a mosque owned by Maulavi Haqqani while searching for him in North Waziristan in 2002, but since then he has been largely left alone.

One Western military official said there was an unspoken agreement between Pakistani and American officials that United States Predator drones would generally be used in the tribal areas against foreign Qaeda members, rather than Pakistani or Afghan targets, like the Haqqanis.”

So here it is, the corrupt, incompetent and lying Bush foreign policy in a nutshell.  Four thousand soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, a shredded constitution and world reputation later . . .  here’s our war on terror: chasing the fighter we created in Iraq and cutting deals to  ignore them where they had been before 9/11.  And get the final graph, a quote by him:
“We will fight them with patience,” Maulavi Haqqani says on the DVD. “This is not a battle of haste; this is a battle of patience. If a strong animal fights with a small and weak animal, the big animal uses all its power, not against the enemy, but against itself.”