Person of the Day

OCTOBER 29, 2007
Sox Rooter Rudy.  Here's a selection from Saturday's NY Post Letters Page.  Is everybody happy?
October 27, 2007 -- I understand Rudy Giuliani's logic - it's the logic of many real baseball fans: Root for the league that your team plays in ("Red Coat," Oct. 24).
There are exceptions to the rule, and there seems to be some hypocrisy among Yankee fans.
I would never root for the Braves against the Yankees; New York comes first. Actually, I wouldn't even root for the Braves, regardless of the opponent.
I have lost some baseball respect for Giuliani. I don't care who wins - my team choked.
Paul Roper
South Bound Brook, N.J.
Why should Giuliani show any fidelity to the Yankees when some votes are available?
After all, he was unfaithful to his second wife, to the Republican Party when Cuomo ran for governor and to what he claimed were his core beliefs from his mayoral campaigns.
I question whether Giuliani even really likes hot dogs and egg creams. I suppose when he is in South Carolina, grits will be his breakfast of choice, and bagels will get the back of his hand and goofy grin.
What would Giuliani do if al Qaeda ever got a team in the American League?
Doug Slotolowicz
Tomkins Cove
Giuliani suspended the Constitution in our city, destroyed race relations, failed to properly equip the fire department with working radios and put emergency services right where the terrorists already attacked.
On top of that, Giuliani put forth a mobbed- up former chauffeur to serve as head of Homeland Security.
The worst thing you can editorialize about is him backing the Red Sox? The Post really needs to get its priorities straight.
David S. Pecoraro
Rockaway Park
Giuliani is showing that he is a good sport who loves the American League.
He's a born street fighter who knows all about a scrappy fight, but he also knows how to shake hands and wish the best to his opponent.
You gotta love him for that - it's what sportmanship is all about. We could all learn a thing or two from Giuliani. Tom Cahill