Person of the Day

MARCH 28, 2007
SEN. JOHN McCAIN.  When people finally wonder why McCain faded in the campaign they can start with this interview yesterday on CNN.  McCain was claiming that there were neighborhoods in Baghdad that were so much improved you could go out for a walk in them. 
  “Gen. Petraeus goes out there everyday.  The success we’re experiencing, (it’s now possible) for Americans . . . to go into 2 of the 5 neighborhoods in a secure fashion.”
  Soon CNN’s Baghdad correspondent, Michael Ware was live from Baghdad with a response.  “No way on earth can a Westerner, particularly an American stroll the streets of this capitol of 5 million people.  If al-Qaeda doesn’t get wind of you or one of the Sunni insurgent groups don’t descend on you, if someone doesn’t tip off a Shiia militia, then the nearest criminal gang is just going to see dollar signs and scoop you up.   You’d barely last 20 minutes out there.  I honestly don’t know what part of Neverland Sen. McCain is talking about when he says you can go strolling in Baghdad.”