Steve Brodner
Iraq War Project
Senior Illustration Portfolio Class
Instructor: Steve Brodner
Spring 2007

  The concept behind The Iraq War Project is to illuminate some of the less defined moments in the run-up to and execution of the Iraq War at the time of the fourth anniversary of the invasion.  Students each took on at least one part of the story.  This is designed to be exhibited in a school gallery as well as a part of the SVA website.  The breakdown is as follows:
Chris Duffy:
  Early '90's, Cheney and Wolfowitz develop ideas projecting American power, spreading democracy, using preemptive war.
Jin Hyo Wang:
  Summer 2002, Cheney gives wrong information on Iraq ('amassed chemical weapons", "nukes within a year") manipulating doubtful data.
Vincent Scala:
   Summer, 2002, in spite of DOE doubts, Rice asserts that aluminum tubes were "definitely centrifuges for enriching uranium", evokes "mushroom cloud" imagery.
Kathryn Llera
 Summer, 2002, Bush falls under the sway of dishonest exiles.
Erin Kenealy:
   2003, Bush and Co. ignore advice from top experts (Gen. Shinseki et al) for high troop levels: in the 500,000 range.
Steve Brodner:
   2003, Lawrence Lindsay, economic advisor, says it will cost $200 billion.  He is fired.
Nelson Francisco:
  March 2003, Baghdad falls amidst chaos, key unprotected sites, looting.  Iraqis view US as incompetent and untrustworthy.
Clarice J. Chang:
 Jay Garner is replaced by Paul Bremer who dismantles civilian government, hunting for Baathists, stops all planning for interim government, and disbands the army, which melts into the population.
Nelson Francisco:
 2004, U.S. is increasingly identified with an environment of religious sectarian war.
Nelson Francisco:
 2004, Conditions prove progressively more dangerous for US occupying forces.
Chinyera Johnson:
   2005, privatization leads to waste, negligence and unaccountability.  Blackwater employees, unsupported and lightly armored, are massacred and desecrated in Fallujah.
Tae Sun Cha:
  2006, Sunnis, Shias target each other increasingly.  US finds itself in a civil war with over 100 deaths per day.  The Bush Administration still refuses to acknowledge this.
Dan Sherman:
 Sept. 2006, National Intelligence Estimate states that US involvement is feeding terrorism.
Nelson Francisco
  2007, Casualties.

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