Person of the Day

MARCH 12, 2007
ALBERTO GONZALES, who is discovering that White House gas can generate as much heat as the greenhouse variety. In a week of cascading scandals Gonzales is on the hot plate over FBI abuse of the Patriot Act, doing illegal domestic surveillance. Then there was the case of eight federal attorneys, fired for political reasons, six of whom are pictured below. Any questions about how this White House operated in the Valerie Plame case can be put to rest This is a mob administration and he is consigliari.
DANIEL G. BOGDEN, whose office had started an investigation into Nevada’s GOP Governor Jim Gibbons (although he denies political pressure).
PAUL K. CHARLTON, who was “retired” after opening inquiries into two Republican congressmen.
DAVID C. IGLESIAS,, fired after being called by Sen. Pete Domenici and rep. Heather Wilson to pressure him to prosecute Colorado Democrats.
CAROL C. LAMM, who headed the investigation that ended in the guilty plea by Randy “Duke” Cunningham. This led to other inquiries.
JOHN McCAY, who received a call fro, GOP congressmen to investigate a close election in the state of Washington, won by a Democrat.
H.E. CUMMINS III, fired to make room for a prosecutor who was assistant to Karl Rove.