Person of the Day

FEBRUARY 19, 2007
Congressman Jack Murtha who is proposing legislation to make the escalation contingent on funding to properly arm, train, rest and care for the troops. There is expected to be an anti-Iran war element to this as well. This will halt the "surge" because Bush has so profoundly neglected the troops in the field and at home.

Murtha on the War:


"We don't have so much an anti-war movement as we have an anti-war country.", George Will, This Week, 2/18/07

"(In the end Bush) is going to hand off a rising Shiia crescent and an outraged Sunni crescent, which we are sort of siding with.", David Brooks, Meet the Press, 2/18/07

New Fox Poll: 55% of Americans now want a cut off of funding for the escalation.