Crude Politics

OCTOBER 25, 2014
In this week's The Nation I (with great help from Roane Carey, Robert Best and Muna Mire) track the flow of the oily money from corps and orgs interested in promoting climate change confusion, into the filthy pockets of Congress, greasing the skids for the rest of us. Because of the dark money protections this is just the tip of a massive spill. Aside from the Kochtopus  and Goldman Sachs, the rest are new faces. And, yep, dirtbags all.
Also this week in the Boston Globe a piece about The Shaheen/Brown race in NH. Scott Brown decided that he might as well run for senate there. Even though he was from MA, it was SO CLOSE. Thanks to Heather Brown, Joanna Weiss and Greg Klee for all great help.
And for those who think Obama is the most villified president in history . .  well, maybe he is.  But, looking back, we see that he has a lot of company in the bunker. This for The San Francisco Chronicle.