Our Problem? Welfare!

NOVEMBER 7, 2013
How much do we spend every year on food stamps (now being cut to 4 million of the poor and much more next year, with 1 in 6 children hungry in the US)? $78 Billion.

How much do we pay out in corporate welfare (tax breaks, incentives, protections, subsidies)?$85 Billion.

The Right likes to condemn the poor as exemplars of moral failure, as if falling into poverty, even in this economy,  is a sign of bad character. These corporate sponges, however, are seldom mentioned by the Right or Mainstream Media. And yet what is more depraved than hurting the vulnerable and coddling these suckers? Here are some of our favorite kings and queens. By me for The American Prospect, Mary Parsons, designer and with a great research assist by Bryce Stucki. Thanks to our editor, Kit Rachlis.