OMG, Summer's Over?!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013


So, where was I?

. . . there was the top pop 100 for Entertainment Weekly.  Squeezing Elvis, Michael, Bruce, Madonna, Prince and Dylan all together was a challenge. Here's my first sketch. It happened that the eras had to be just so.

So back to the drawing board to get the right scrap  . . .  and a better design (Kory Kennedy AD).
Then a call from ESPN to render A-Rod's comeback . . .  not without the fans' reactions (Chin Wang, Jason Lancaster, ADs).

For Ogilvy and Mather: chief creative officer Steve Simpson is interviewed by Simon Dumenco on the virtues of  "branded content". They cite examples of a Dove soap campaign, a short film and the IBM pavilion at the 1964 World's Fair (David Frankel AD, Todd Puzan, Ed).

For The American Lawyer there was the cover and opener about inequality among attorneys. Yep, it's everywhere (Joan Ferrell, AD).

For the American Prospect, The New Socialists (Mary Parsons, AD).

It seems that whenever conservatives have a problem with something they become RABID MARXISTS  . . . on that one issue.

So here's the gang:

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, after suffering a stroke, became a public health care Mao.
Sarah Palin, of course, is the Che of special needs children.
Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, a staunch opponent of Hurricane Sandy relief, was a regular Jerry Rubin on Federal money for tornado relief in his home state.
Dick Cheney found it in his new heart to endorse gay marriage. He has a gay child.
As does Rob Portman.
Cindy McCain is a veritable commissar for federal money for migraine research. She has migraines.
Nancy Reagan goes full Lenin on Alzheimer's money. A disease she knows about.
Fidel Christie took his crusade to the streets when Hurricane Sandy arrived.

For The Washingtonian, the new Obama cabinet done up as in a Vogue fashion spread, a good solution for a high-style big city mag (Michael Goesele, AD).

Finally confirmed and ready for crises of all kinds. No shortage of those.

Pres. Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.
Commerce Sec. Penny Pritzker, Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Labor Sec. Thomas Perez, Sec. of the Treasury, Jack Lew.
UN Ambassador (and Syrian strike advocate) Samantha Power.
And last but not least: for a personal project, the man who made the world safe for democracy, Woodrow Wilson.