Zero Hour

NOVEMBER 6, 2012
Now is the time for all good people to get off their duffs and vote. No excuses when lying masses of billionaires are making their most sustained and expensive run at buying the USA. Here, for example, is a couple, for the new Texas Observer: Charlie and Davey Koch, of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held corporation in the US. They refine oil, pollute like mad, deny climate change and pay off pols with extravegant campaign donations to get the regulators off their backs. And, oh yes, don't care if they bury the poor folks or Corpus Christi, Texas in the bargain.
Read all about it.
Here's a stand-alone image for The Nation. What's the one thing the two candidates have in common? They share the historic and disgraceful $2 billion campaign, which only annoyed the hell out everybody and left them less informed than ever. After tonight, there's big work ahead. And job #1 is to kill Citizens United and take this democracy back.
Good luck to us all today.
PS: Vote.