Live Blog from Tuesday

AUGUST 29, 2012
Here's the live blog from last night. Everything in reverse order, as it appears at http://www.thenation.com/blogs/steve-brodner. Back in the saddle again tonight. Ryan Night. 


Steve Brodner's Live RNC Art Blog

Steve Brodner on August 28, 2012 - 7:04 PM ET

The American virtue of being an a**hole.

And away we go!

The delightful Ann Romney, here to humanize Mitt. How can she miss?

Nikki Haley. Anti-Union, anti-black innuendo all in one speech! 

Nikki Haley, former Sikh, now fiercely anti-immigrant. Also loves those Eggpersons.

Artur Davis loved Obama then tried to run for governor of Alabama and failed. Now he hates him. Are you following this?

The GOP convention may not be the best place for Ted Cruz to tell his family’s immigration story.

Rick Santorum goes over his To Do list.

One clock they forgot. 

Scott Walker: saved in Wisconsin by Kochs, knows how good it is.

Bob McDonnell, VA governor, who loves the ultrasound machine. We thought he would like a scan.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin dealt with a recent heat wave by telling citizens to pray for rain.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has the backing of the race-based anti-voting rights movement. And vice versa.

Police at the RNC are paid with $50 million voted by Congress. We (the public) built it.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH) used to be State Attorney General. She spent years prosecuting Planned Parenthood, but ignored a large mortgage corporation ponzi scheme.

Media stays on message.

We (the public) built it.
Do you think Reince Priebus got the job because he looks like a fetus?
Blockhead Boehner
7 pm: Blockhead Boehner (for all you Gumby fans). His and Mitch McConnell’s Job #1 has been to block and destroy the Obama presidency. When he talks about pain in the United States, it never seemed that important before.

Tuesday Afternoon

Tonight, the first actual night of the Republican Convention, we see the big stage set, which was designed with Romney’s input, replicating his idea of a warm and comfortable living room. It has thirteen TV screens. That sort of figures.











What’s most important here is the new post-–Citizens United politics in America. Post-partisan now mean Neo-Oligarchian.












And the funny part is all the howling we will hear about the Constitution. The right’s argument makes sense if you understand which “people” we are supposed to care about…












…and if you flip the word “We” just a bit.

So a big challenge for the GOP in Tampa who can best make “Me” sound most like “We”! 


















Tampa Update

Hurricane Isaac has postponed the first day of the GOP Convention. Perhaps a Trump outdoor event might still proceed. A fervent hope.











Ann Romney realized she wouldn't make the networks if she spoke on Monday so she was switched to Tuesday night in the primetime hour. She also arranged with The Weather Channel to be inserted into hurricane coverage.









Bigger storms are brewing, however. 

The platform suggests that the party is pretty unified on the idea that fertilized human eggs should be recognized as persons. As a result Tampa is now experiencing a massive pilgrimage of entitled Eggpersons demanding credentials.









This question is causing considerable delays as Eggpersons demand to be seated as delegates,









They immediately hold a caucus complete with an appearance by the candidate.










One of the first results: logo change.













And what about Paul Ryan?

I am reminded of a famous photo of GOP prankster Roger Stone, who had Nixon art tattooed on his back.










Some similar ink for Ryan involving Todd Akin would perhaps be enough to keep the GOP as happy as a blastocyst in glycoprotein.