Drawing on the Debt Ceiling

AUGUST 8, 2011

The Debt Ceiling Crisis of the last week was a political nuke that spread its fallout everywhere.  The US government was held hostage by radical crazies on the Right, seizing on a procedural device to affect the government’s self-destruction. A unique event in American history and one Obama was spiritually and tactically unprepared for.  It looked to America to be a thing out the blue, but was actually planned and plotted for months in advance. And it was no secret, thus probably inviting a harsh judgement by history of all involved. The Washington Post asked me to highlight some key scenes.

(This is an example of the kind of formatting flexibility I am hoping newspapers and magazines will move to now.  I was able to come at this assignment in three ways: a  full page in print, in the Outlook section, as a web click-through and then also prepare a video of one of the pieces being made. Very grateful to Cory Haik, Janet Michaud and Kristin Lenz for the vision and help.  And to the great team reporting by the Post.)









Here’s the video feature: