JULY 1, 2011

In this Sunday’s NY Times Magazine, ”What does Newt Gingrich Know?”  by Andrew Ferguson, who endeavored to read each of Newt Gingrich’s 23 books . . . and lived. The homework assignment from Hell. A great piece about a man who is a true legend in his own mind.

“As I write, a stack of books tilts Pisa-like on my desk, each volume written by Gingrich and various co-authors. I got out my tape measure the other day and discovered that the stack is precisely 15¼ inches high — a figure that does not include the various revised and expanded editions that I have had Whispernetted into my Kindle, . . ”


AD Rem Duplessis thought that collage would frame him well.  I think he's right. Newt Gingrich is a kind of gift that keeps on giving; a pol who really looks just like what he's selling. Although he thinks he's selling something else, thank goodness the world can pretty much see right through him.