JULY 22, 2010
Here, finally, is the video version of the Illustration Next talk given last spring at SVA. The evening was devoted to ways artists are now working away from the editorial market. Some of the biggest stars in our field showed up that night as well as four of the brilliant up and coming variety. It goes on a bit and I get fuzzy now and then, but this was a labor of love and put together by everyone in their spare  time (did I have spare time?).  My apologies for any snarky comments made in the rush of the moment.  Also for giving short shrift to Elwood Smith, Rob Dunlavey, David Klein and Victor Juhasz.  The final segment here restores their work to the project. My thanks to all the artists, young and nearly young, who helped here.  You ALL made this an extremely interesting evening. Thanks to Tom Woodruff, my dean at SVA, Lisa Reist, my wonderful assistant, Ben Shapiro who shot all of this so well and Richard O’Connor who gave this the TLC it needed in the edit. And a special thanks to Marshall Arisman. I knew this evening would succeed when we got the special blessing from the Rebbe.
No big answers to our existential problem are offered here.  Just lots of ideas; ways in which people are reaching to the next thing, whatever that is. To the extent that it spurs continued exploration in the viewer this will have been worth the trouble.
PS: The SCAD talk: Collaboration and Expansion, organized by Julie Lieberman, will be at a site we will share.  More about that soon.