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Folded Paper

APRIL 16, 2009
Inspired by Leo's article on his own paper toy, I dug out some paper folded things from what was once becoming a collection. Not my best photography session... it's hard to see the dimension here, but the card folds out to have a backdrop of buildings (far away orangish ones) with the larger Radio City complex in lighter colors closer to the frame.

This flat cocoa "tin" opens to reveal a breakfast table set with dishes and a tiny tin of the same cocoa dead center.
The car here was from a French paper toy page titled Garage from the mid-1930's. I didn't want to cut up the original print, so I scanned and printed it out... and then misplaced the page.

Another French car cut-out book.

And an airplane.

This was put out by Kellog's when the Queen Mary was launched. Sorry, the photo is a little confusing with the Titanic smokestacks behind. ** Warning: this depiction is NOT historically accurate.**

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