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Endangered Species

APRIL 2, 2009
In two weeks, April 16th to be exact, I'll be giving a little talk at the dedication of a new stamp of mine, the Polar Bear. As I've looked at facts about these beautiful, curious and social creatures, I've become increasingly upset at their fate. And ours. What is the use of a list of endangered species when people continue to behave as they always have? Every animal is endangered. Soon it will be only the rats and cockroaches.
Linn's Stamp News has an article about the stamp, but you have to be a subscriber to read it. I'm curious with the new drawger format, to see if my text will go along the side of the smaller image. Where is the option to place the image on the right or left? I feel like such a curmudgeon wanting things to be as they were. Adapt, Nancy...! Think Darwin. The Wizard of O(ur)Z(imm) has spoken and it seems if you do the text first, the image will come in along side the text. Roll over the image and you get the option of aligning on right or left and you get to see it right away...! Evolution is a good thing, sometimes.
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