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Things I've Learned So Far in 2009

JANUARY 6, 2009
Wurdle board (health warning: addictive behavior has been reported in 97.538% of users)
First of all, I accidently learned how to take a screen shot with my iPhone. If you don't know this trick, it's a good one. Hold down the "home" button and the "on/off" switch at the same time. You'll hear the familiar shutter release sound and the screen will blink. Then go look in your photo album. There you will find a nice copy of what was on the screen.
And what would you expect to find on my screen? "Wurdle" an app that mimics the game, Boggle. It's played by touch screen. Just draw with your finger and the letters are selected. If you manage to come up with a valid word (the dictionary isn't as lenient as the one for online Boggle (http://www.wordsplay.net/)) it appears at the bottom of your screen and the score is added.
It will be a long time before I beat my latest personal best.
Another thing I learned is that there is no end to the amount of time I will waste while playing this game and now no end of locations in which I can play.
Long waits on line, bus rides over two miles, meeting habitually late friends are all made much easier with this game at hand. Of course  time set aside to pay bills, clean house or floss is vulnerable to the same vanishing act.
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