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Play at the ICON5 US Open..!

APRIL 8, 2008
. (supposed to be the unisphere... it's late..!)
Here's a proposition. When ICON5 comes to town (weekend of July 4th), I'd like to get a bunch of illustrators and art directors / designers / art buyers /reps to play some tennis out at Flushing Meadows, the home of the US Open. ICON attendees would have priority among illustrators. We can team up with each other and play under the lights one balmy evening that weekend. Subway out, car service back. Split the court fees. What do you think? Spouses and significant others can sub (I hear Doug Fraser's wife is a nice player) and anyone can come along to hang out in the stands and cheer for favorite players. This will go up on the ICON5 website if enough people are interested, so speak up..!
Update: 4/23 The lack of a good response here didn't deter me, but I finally got to speak with someone at the NTC who knew what she was talking about and they are having a tournament that will go all day and night the entire weekend. So, I have cancelled any plans for tennis during ICON5.
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