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Quelle surprise..!

JANUARY 16, 2008
This was a large gouache painting. .
Ever run across an image of yours in an unexpected place? It's always a mixed reaction of "Hey, look, that's mine..!" and "Should I have gotten paid for that use?". This was in a French magazine, a special issue of Le Figaro that is entirely on Woody Allen. Nice reference photos and I'm always looking to practice my French (which is lousy, but it doesn't stop me). It was a real surprise to find they had used my image on the foreign posters. I'm not sure whether they had purchased the right to do that, but who cares? It was 1989 and I got a chuckle out of seeing it printed.
The poster as it was used here. .
Per Zina's request, here's the poster a little bigger.
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