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Suzanne Vega Portrait: WSJ

AUGUST 5, 2007
This is a crop of the image.
Thanks to drawger daveB, I got to do a fun assignment for the Wall Street Journal last week, a portrait of Suzanne Vega. It also got me to listen to her new album with its songs about NYC and even one about my own street.
At daveB's request, here is the full figure, including a close-up of the hand.

The other hand was the one that I thought was a coup. It actually reads as a hand, not a stump (at least I hope it does).

If there had been more time, I would have taken more photos to have different reference to work from, that being so tricky. But it was hot in here and with my studio light I was sweating while posing and ready to stop.

Gotta learn Poser.. or maybe not. It's usually fun getting dressed up in costumes for jobs and bringing all my acting skills into service. (Not required here.)
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