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They Hated It... but all's well now.

OCTOBER 18, 2006
The approved final. No surprises.
Done. Delivered. Approved.

Oh, oh... I see some things I forgot to do.

Nancy 1: It's approved, stop! It's almost 7pm on Friday, stop!
Nancy 2: But if I just fixed this one thing.. they're still there, it's 4pm in California.

I hate myself.
sketch they prefer to finish
The cllient finally responded:

Hi Nancy,

We like the sketch form that you sent earlier better (attached for reference). Is there a way we can get the final closer to this version? We prefer the smaller dots, smaller smiley faces, the color, etc. The finish is quite different from this version. I'm sorry we just really liked the original sketch. What can we do?

Agggh...! I thought I was free and clear. Maybe it's simply that she looks prettier in this sketch. In the photo reference, she's a little odd looking, a little Morticia Adams.

Actually this will teach me to hold fast to my rule of not giving a color sketch. If the AD likes it, they get too attached. A rough pencil would have left things open.
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