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Robots {A.I.}

AUGUST 17, 2018
The earliest bots were made of iron and forged of raw steel and had only limited movemet and were very simple in their performance. They were considered more of decorations then actual functioning work machines.
AI {Artificial Intelligence} robots go way back to the Isle of White England 1864 where a steam bot was used on the outer banks to warn the ships traveling by night of perilous reefs. Of course given this period in time the interior workings were mechanical and clock like not wireless WIFI digital like today.
Now bots are working in such establishments as Amazon and Google keeping up with the ever-growing demand of mass-produced products shipped to local and global markets, the current demand for them us unprecedented.
Today Robots are even movie stars even if their stories are a little sad. As more and more A.I. robots are now working, living among us.