Chris Spollen
February 2011
Publish or Perish
This is my agents idea to create some interest in the book kid, as he likes to call me make some stuff make posters, and we can get some press. The book is still in the works good things take time.

Here is he second poster that I showed Moe he liked this one, kid what would you do with out an agent like me!

My agent due to a somewhat faltering economy has recently scaled down his entire artistic operation; he now shares an office with a print shop in slightly less well off section of town. As he says it kid I moving my shingle, but I still have the same phone number, that’s important, not sure how he managed that.

Turning into the Wind, oil temperature up, air temperature a cold twenty eight degrees slight wind from the west at a gentle eight miles an hour. Test the flaps one last time check the ailerons, say a prayer pull out the throttle and pull back slightly on the stick. Moe says I got to stop making toys and think about making money! Kid you got to think about the big time the big me! Ok Moe.

Many revisions as the book develops I am a firm believer in the artist as the creator, designer, thinker, inker. Do not want to rush the final look good things take time so I am playing a bit with the interior look.





Telling Stories In Wood
This was my first car a nineteen forty nine-dodge businessman’s coupe, it was a dream come true for a boy who just turned seventeen. When pressed this machine could barely do sixty miles and hour and she burned oil like an old chimney, but she was mine. She soon had three horns front and rear speakers, eco reverb and eventually an FM converter amazing. But the most amazing feature was an after market hot water fan driven large front heater. Originally owned by a little old lady this after market heater could cook a complete meal on it. This auto consumed little if and fuel needless to say this car could idle for hours, permitting a young man to come of age in style.

Many a Saturday morning I would drive over to the local dock to watch men with pipes and lunch boxes with plaid coffee thermos working on there boats getting it ready for a summer launch. I realize now that even though some of these boats never made it into the water the captain’s local merchants and blue-collar men were enjoying the process of being one with the outdoors, the paint, and the seaside. This was a simpler time a slower pace, where one family member could work and support the entire family. This is all gone now replaced with mass-produced enormous fiberglass boats, and captains on cell phones who know very little of anything about the sea

Who does not like a Cola truck

SS Tompkinsville Sea Trials off New York Harbor 1902 The Tompkinsville conducting sea trials in New York Harbor 1902 She was a coal burning workboat moored on the north shore of Staten Island. This inter harbor work thug was captained buy a John Hammond a man with a will of iron, and an ardent crew of loyal and stoic sailors. She remained in service for some thirty years, only to be lost at sea when hit by a north Easter, sinking off Roma Shoals.

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