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Marco Polo Returns

Around the world and back again,red China amazing!
Clay Sculpture,the professor showed me more art in three weeks then I have seen here in three years here
Public Art,this piece really brings home the energy I felt in this wonderful country
Modern China Art,art is everywhere
Sketches Poured just out,and did about twenty four drawings in four days
Hangzhou Hot Air Machines,back home scanned in all the drawings for a look see and now they are taking me on a journey of there own
Expermenting with the Sculptures based on sketches,all sculptures are 3.50 foot in size
Drawing on the Train Home from Hardford University inspired once again after a week of teaching at the Masters of Illustration program with Murray Tinkelman
The Dutchess Early Dutch Naval Assault Rifle Believed to be an early Dutch West Trading Company Design constructed somewhere about 1888-89
“The Paccar” This is an extremely rare weapon was introduced to early India via southern Arabian traders.
The Professor and Me
Slow Boat to China,the journey continues