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Back from Oklahoma City

AUGUST 12, 2008
The B-1
I think the best way to describe it is child like wonder. I simply enjoy the technology of flight.
I think if I lived in Spain in 1491 when Columbus was setting up for his trip to the new world, I would be hanging out in the boat yard. Got to go inside and climb inside old B-52’ s and B-1 bombers, as repairs that were being made. Parts are simply not replaced some are actually remade and some repairs are made up as one of the fellow explained most of these planes were never designed to fly this long. Found this kind of thing extremely interesting.
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum was incredible.
Made friends with fellow illustrators Richard Taylor and James Conahan this side trip was Jim’s idea, and proved to be a gem. We saw original Dean Cornwells N C Weight, and Tom Lowe’s who studio intact, as well as James Bama orgionals.all this in the middle of Oklahoma.
There is money in Oklahoma, lots of it so I asked where? to this someone replied your sanding on it oil and now natural  gas lots of it.
Tired Boots
Finally arrived home after many miles and much heat,and much adventure my weary boots and I, were well beyond tired