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Back from Other Side of the World

JULY 24, 2008
Professor Jing Bao
For a guy who has not traveled much farther then the que train to Brooklyn, to head off to China alone it takes something mighty strong. To travel eight thousand miles board two jet airliners fly a total of twenty hours flying time one way, it takes a woman, and that woman is professor Jing Bao fashion professor at the University of Hang Zhou. Of all the millions of woman in the world I had o go and fall head and heels for a woman that lives on the other side of the world.
Rural Farm

Sixty percent of China is dirt poor this was a hamlet some fifty miles out of Kunming. The heat and the smell of raw sewerage was enough to make you pass out, not to mention blue fly’s I hate blue flys. I was told later that this is simply an all-natural way of life.
Professor Wang Biao; old Plasma machine
Sci Tech University where I stayed is made of many buildings, old new and some in the process of being torn down and rebuilt. I loved this place machine shops lathes auto repair shops plus math and science of course. Jings father is the math professor here. China has an economic growth rate annually of about twelve percent; the students leave the university with marketable real life skills. China is growing as if it’s on steroids, after many years of repression. This is professor Wang Biao stand in front of an old plasma machine
Little Cuties
Adorable sometimes language is simply not a necessary my models discovered me focusing on them with my new my camera and simply went into this pose for me, very cute
Hand made Art

This is hand made silver headpiece, this was shot in a one thousand year old village that we stayed and even had access to E-Mail.
I love monkeys

Love monkeys and so do the Chinese; they have a monkey god and a pig god. This fellow was a bit of a ham and for ten yen the owner let him sit on my hand.
Dream Making

Wishes are placed on lotus shaped papers with glowing candles and slowly drift along the current running through the village quite beautiful. I have nothing to compare this to watching hundreds of these candles slowing moving down the stream at night.

These fellows were quite charming the fellow in the back third from left is ninety-four the youngest man here is eighty. Lively funny an enjoying being connected to others in the park. What is the secret to longevity I asked, what do you eat, Chinese food they replied, ask a dumb question you get a dumb answer.
Three generations on the go
Mom baby and grandma three generations all on the go all healthy and happy.
The Witch Doctor
This fellow is dressed in traditional costume, and is also bit of a wise man. I asked him how could I have my cake and eat it, He looked at me smiled winked, the answer is simple pilgrim, make two cakes, Cool!
Devil Girls

Chinese devils girls I saw them everywhere. Professor Jing shot this one outside a Chinese disco the horns blink very cute.

Your looking a serious transportation here, these are not for fun they are pure transportation I was very impressed, The Chinese could benefit from better gearing they are ruining very simple one or two gear systems. I thought about what a fully faired streamliner might do on the Chinese streets, traffic is moving about 24 mph, that’s bikes, and electric scooters. The three wheelers are doing about 10 mph, a streamliner can cruise at 21-22 mph but the Chinese drivers, well lets just say leave something to be desired. I also want to ad here that everybody that I met was extremely pleasant, and Jings parents treated med like roality I was very touched. I was so far off the American tourist trail that I became sort of an oddity I had many pictures taken of them with me because I was tall and white go figure.