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Off to China !

JULY 8, 2008
Princess Jing
Well if being freelance means pledging your lance to no king Then so be it, I am off The Adventure Continues I have been invited to come China by Professor Jing Bao Fashion Professor at Hanzock University She has been my muse and model now for the past several years. She was sent over by her school three years ago to study for a year a F.I.T I was her digital instructor; she not just bright is a good artist as well. She has offered me a stay at her fatherís university Kunming Sci -Tech University He is a mathematics professor there, yikes the professors daughter. This is an offer that I can simply not refuse; I am currently crazy for all things Chinese I wonder if I will be able to access drawger.com from Kunming.
Student designs and shot of one of her students
Ideas are flowing already for Surf Beach Two
Will have to shut down the shop for a little while,who will make the robots
Hand Made Art
Not going by boat