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Still Sculpting

NOVEMBER 22, 2016
Strange how ideas just seem to pop up right after a good nights sleep. It is almost as if the brain had been processing ideas and fragmented thoughts through the night while the body is asleep. This is a fin concept for the “Chinese Flying Fish Sculpture” that I am currently working on. I grabbed a pen and with the first cup of coffee and draw it out like it had been just sitting there just waiting for me to sketch it up.
Chinese Flying Fish on a Midland Beach EarlyMorning A quiet still autumnal morning as the morning tide slowly rises , and the sun is just beginning to show its self as the gulls morning calls echo over the sound of the gentle waves. The Flying Fish contemplates its next move in the gray stillness of an early October morning “The Chinese Flying Fish” on Midland Beach 2016 Composed of steel, cast iron, silver-plated saucers, and plates,, and two part epoxy Measuring four foot high and three and a half foot wide
Had lots of fun making Robots with very enthaustic kids at Barnes and Nobel’s “Ted the Tin Man” as a big hit as he rolled into the store
The Peneington Submarine A three-man submarine designed and built in Bristol England 1924 A pure hybrid in that the Peneington had twin steam boilers yet she used an electric coil to make full steam power. She could dive to a depth of over two hundred feet and cruise at eight knots above the surface and six knots while below the surface while on pure electrical power. A true naval advancement for her time and she led to the development of bigger and faster British submarines This 2 D dimensional relief sculpture measures two foot by two foot It is comprised of Steel ,Copper ,Tin ,Glass ,Oak and two part epoxy.
The Rene Flyer 1592 Believed to have been a scale model of a working concept design by Leonardo da Vinci for one of his mechanical Flying designs. This piece was found in the south of France and was possibly part of King Louie’s “Fantastical Art Flight Collection”. e. As it turns out the king was very much enamored with flight, hot air balloons, and winged man’s flight. This sculpture measures four feet high and three feet wide it is comprised of steel, chrome, tin , as well as various hard woods.
Ships Bottom As if taken from Davey Jones locker itself, comes this strange and wonderful creation finely hand crafted from both metals and wood. This is a relic from a far distant past a form of an ancient sea dweller now at rest on the bottom of the ocean. A denizen form of some strange ancient sea creature the now survives in the image of this odd and somewhat engaging semi relief textural sculpture. This is a one and a half foot wide by fourteen inches high metal, wood, epoxy sculpture. (Materials: steel, tin, and oak)