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AUGUST 22, 2016
Starting to organize my images, there are many to choose from. Trying to make sense of the almost daily output trying to gather all underone roof. “Milton Glazer” is right art is work but its kind of fun.
The Jupiter Three Stage Laser Ray Gun Just discovered on the surface of Jupiter this strange weapon was simply laying on its side on Jupiter’s surface in the sand. At first this odd device appears to be Middle Eastern and very old in both design as well as in its craftsmanship. But on closer inspection the internal workings of this what appears to be a three-stage laser ray gun are extremely advanced in their design. Much beyond our current uses of Lazers and very advanced in its use of accelerated ray projections. Several universities as well as MIT in Boston have been clamoring for a look-see at this amazing find. But the US Military as put a complete lock down on it and its whereabouts until further tests can be conducted. Until that time no further information will be made adviable to the public concerning this amazing discovery and what it is capable of doing. Of particular interest to the military is the small pop crystal aiming sight set in the rear of the weapon. This small crystal provides a mini heads up optical display showing distance, velocity, and windage for the required shot. This represents a major step up in the development of future space side arms This strange device has been nicknamed “The Jupetra”in recognition of the planet Jupiter where it was discovered. Look for this strange side arm to appear in the up and coming short film on CTV this fall In “Superman’s Staten Island Journey”. Its “Shanghi Hells Cats” favorite weapon she says it simply Purrrr-fect!
Sulpture, Pad, Pencil, Paper, Computer, Tales The process from pad to paper and then to computer is now almost a daily occurrence in my art workday. Ideas seem to swirl around my minds eye and I grab for these tools in sort of this order in an effort as not to lose these precious thoughts. This mix is then given several cups of rather strong coffee and in the quiet of the early morning hours ideas begin to take shape .The words come to mind as the sculptures begin to take shape in the studio. It’s kind of like the art pieces begin to talk me and weave their very visual indivual tales. Its quite an enjoyable process and its somewhat child like in that its sort of like creating toys or playing with things that seem to make me happy. A Steam Powered Art Factory official stamp is then placed on the computer printout after the Factory editor has read and spell checked the story, Then this indivual tale can be filed in the Factory’s vast and ever growing story inventory.
The Totenville Evening Express # 422 Staten Island 1862 On a cold and snowy night deep in the heart of the winter of 1862 Tom Callaghan the engineer was at the Wheel of locomotive number four twenty two steaming at top throttle towards to Saint George. Tom was a powerful and very frugal man and he did not like to waste either coal or steam. It has been said that if he could not see you through the fog or snow he simply would not stop his mighty engine for fear of wasting both time or fuel. Tom was not a drinking man but he was known to take a nip on a cold night, to ward off the chill, as he was fond of saying. It should be made clear here that it was not drink that gave Thomas his drive, but rather his rather tuff upbringing the third of a family of six. Tom was raised on the south shore of Staten Island .His father was a police office and his mother was a stay at home mom. However as complaints started to come in from passengers on the platform that he simply passed by on these occasions’ passengers started to take matters into own hands. It has been reported that on very cold snowy nights passengers would take too rolling up newspapers setting them on fire and waving them at the oncoming locomotive in an effort for it to stop. This generally worked and they were able to make their ferryboats on time. Whether this is true or false this tale has been handed down to me from grandfather to father and now from me and to you, we are rather fond of this tale and consider it a bit of Staten Island folklore. This Spollen recent classic sculpture proudly stands some twenty inches high and is thirty-four inches long. Constructed entirely from iron, steel and hard woods then finished in extra strength two-part epoxy. A bold statement in both re-cronstruvisim and imagination this guy is worth following for sure. “ Bill Franklin” Art Critic NYC and Art collector since 1971
Depicted here is Captain Leonard Jacobs holding a nearly completed scale model of the now famous Tesla Electric Submarine {portrayed here by Tracy White} August 30 1928 Long Island New York.
Conducting Screen Test’s with the Chinese Hellcat for her movie debut {Currently shooting both still and some video tests} Playing with moving images and composition.
“Steel Sea Fantasy” You should have seen the one that got away The Chinese seem to really enjoy fish So it’s back to the beach for me! We are proud to announce here that this fish designed and made in America in fact made right here on Staten Island. Created from materials gathered from various places here and there in and around our small but quite beautiful island shorelines.
Finally been able to get back to a project that has been on the back burner for a long time now "Tales from a Re-Imagined Past". Story’s and Art By Chris Spollen Tales of Action, Adventure, and Intrigue all set in a distant past, but wait it’s a past that has yet to be or as you might say a" Re-Imagined Past!"