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Working in Demensions

OCTOBER 30, 2014
Stared a few years ago working with flat one dimension images, and now it has lead me to full dimensional free standing works. Giclee print 18"x24"
Runaway Train: A brakeman falls asleep at the switch and the twelve o’clock midnight local to Totenville is roaring out of control. This was a time well before the Westinghouse air system was installed and each car had to be individually braked by hand. The twelve o’clock midnight local is locked in the jaws of death as it hurdles down the track and what fate awaits this train and her passengers.(Giclee print { 18” x 24”]
Runaway Train 2014 (The Sculpture] Measuring three feet wide and two and a half foot high An all wood and steel sculpture construction, with removable train cars for ease of moving and transportation.
Sketched this idea many times over a month’s time, it simply would not go away. It seems good ideas do not go away till they are given life.
Dead Mans Curve 1824 Every brakeman’s nightmare the curve on the downhill descent on the southern tip of this small and remote island known to some as “Satan’s Island”. A terrible rattle and thunderous hissing could be heard through out the evening sky as the ten o’clock train began her perriless descent back down the back southern hill into town. With brakes almost locked up and the boiler at her max the engineer prays as he pulls for all his might on the main brake handle. His fate is about to be determined on this treachous decent down once again on the old southern tracks known to all as “Dead Man’s Curve”. (Giclee print 18” x 24”]
This sculpture is three and a half foot wide, by two and a half foot tall, constructed of both wood and steel.
Paul Singer Grant 1864 Single Shot Spindle Pop Gun: Paul Singer Grant was a British eccentric, tinker, artist, and inventor born into the industrial age as a man of great wealth as heir to the Singer Sewing Machine Empire that his father had created. Paul was fascinated with both Edison’s electric light bulb as well as the Magic Lantern. He created hundreds of glass slides of images that he was drawn to for use with the Magic Lantern. Paul was known to throw vast parties for the British royalty where he presented much to the amazement of the attendees his colorful images projected with the magic lantern on to the castle walls
Electro Magnetic Hydrogen Pulse Gun recently discovered in a shop in rural England
Originally believed to have been a side show attraction from a twenty’s British traveling show, this now recent find has been identified as at highly advanced repelling weapon possibly designed as an Aircraft defense system but as of yet the designer is still of unknown origins. (Dated 1908). This strange device uses a combination of compressed air and nitrogen forced through several expansion chambers employing various internal values. When the pressure is high enough a small electric charge is triggered by the hand held side arm on the top of the main chamber. The blast that results is so strong that the force and can reach targets over a mile and eradicate anything in its path. The downside is that this blast takes yet another thirty minutes to re-arm and fire once again. Scientists who have examined this strange device have stated to the press that this find opens yet another door to a seemly-unknown array of scientific devices of the mid to late twenties in the ongoing British Armaments saga. (Sculpture measures three foot wide two foot high, wood metal ,plastic.
I knew when I drew this compositional study that I had it ,the sketch was based on materials at hand in the studio, and something just clicked in my minds eye and knew this would come into being.
Sculpture[ Rocket Ship to the Moon] One and a half foot wide by one and a half foot tall ,metal, and wood construction
Rocket Ship to the Moon (Through the eyes of a child) A round trip ticket is a mere dollar fifty! for twenty-four hours in outer space. A dollar fifty for a round-trip ticket space adventure and then back again, a small fortune for a little boy however. But nonetheless this is the plan for our unstoppable little astronaut. He has been dreaming of flying to the moon for months now and has been counting his pennies in great antisapatince of such a journey. As our story unfolds we find Christopher patiently counting his coins backwards and forwards but now matter how many times he counts or in which direction he adds them up his sum total of all his earthly posseions is four cents, four cents!. How is he ever going to obtain the sum total of a dollar fifty in order to buy a ticket aboard the moon rocket ship (Giclee print 18” x 24”]