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An Imagined Steam Mythology

MARCH 12, 2013
Thinking about packaging the steady stream of ideas and images under one umbrella
Professor Elisha Emmett Shown here in his what was commonly referred to as to as the professors flying potato. This was all an all cast iron rocket ship designed for a single shot at the heavens and later to be recovered at sea by a tramp steamer and brought ashore. Never tested due to the simple fact that the professor could simply not find the funding from the royal academy so the project was canceled. The rocket ship itself can be still viewed just outside the Royal Science Hall at Cambridge England. Also of note this project marked the first use of a wireless set aboard an attempted space flight.
“Zelda” Man Rays Magic assistant It was Zelda who first introduced Topo the clown to the sweet pipe of dreams Topo eventually becomes addicted to her sweet opium and it slowly plays into his demise. Topo was infatuated with Zelda memorized by her exotic beauty and would do anything to obtain her sweet love. Little else is know of Zelda other the she was of Persian decent and raised by a British sea captain somewhere in the south of Leads. Zelda is the main character in that she is the object of desire, love and intrigue as our Victorian steam drama begins to unravel.
Introducing the brilliant but quite mad “Magnificent Man-Ray the Magician”. Also known, as the mad magician of Scotland Man- Ray is world famous for his acts of daring and terrifying escapes from the jaws of death.
Man-Ray (The Mad Magician) Man-Ray was known through out England for his near death escapes from burning barrels and to his now famous escape from “Dr. Kalaberries Cabinet of Death”. Once locked into the cabinet Zelda his stage assistant filled it with water. Man-Ray would always manage to emerge within just seconds to go on the clock of death much to the audience’s horror. Man -Ray was a born performer who could work the crowd into a frinzy, although many believed him to be quite mad. His circus wagon and stage was painted with the claim that he was” Man-Ray the Magnificent!” and to many he was.
Directions for making your own steam rock ship
Simply follow the lines and cut out your own rocket ship
A rocket of your own for your room a place to go when all-else fails