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Still Making Steam

DECEMBER 24, 2010
Spain’s Warrior queen Consela In this graphic novel we quickly discover that the queen has had several secret meetings with Ben Franklin while he has been dealing with the French. This is Spain’s most in infamous warrior queen she was out spoken and quite lustful, as well as a containing a fiery determination for Spain’s world donmaince. It has been said that she predates the woman’s movement Consuela was no shrinking violet, and had numerous affairs with many of Spain’s top minds, poets and inventors of her day. She was reported to have been a great beauty with an extremely fair complexion that was said to glow like fine the patina on a set of fine Japanese pearls. She also had a flowing blonde hair rare for this time in Spain, as most woman of the court sported long black hair. We learn that Franklin meets with her and her aides on several clandestine occasions while he is in France working for the US government winning both money and arms for the verging American Revolution. This is where the queen is introduced to Jack Tuttle our not so heroic main character, As the story unfolds the queen as been in France spending a fortune in gold on arms, power and canon for her navy. She becomes intrigued by latest technology, powerful steam guns that our hero Jack has been building trying to fund his passion a two-man submarine. Jack is actually bull headed a pacifist who has dedicated his life to renewable enegey, he is a loner, a dreamer and a compete opposite to our central character Consela a powerful determined woman. This is where plot becomes rather complex as all these interventions begin to unfold and intertwine.
This is the queen Consela holding one of Jack Tuttle’s early designs the Six Ponder a steam hand held gun. The Queen was very hands on and among other things reported to have been a very good marks-woman. She soon was to become quiet a problem for Jack as she with one of her aides would often drop by his studio with out announcement, and get in the middle of his work. Jack had to suck up his pride for he needed the royal commissions to pay for his research. But the queen was to prove far more interested in Jack then his guns. Stay tuned to the next chapter as this lusty semi- historic steam tale unfolds.

(It has been rumored that the author Chris Spollen has one of these actual six pounder guns in his possession, a rare and valuable collectors item)

The Chinese were very interested in this design for there what they call light troops, but after expaning that it was all-fake they were somewhat annoyed

I have witnessed many things while on my journeys on the other side of the world the Chinese are currently very busy.

The Chinese have expressed interest in my current design "flying bike" as they call it. A human powered machine that needs no oil or gas and can travel very simply over great distances.

Still in development, this model has had a lot of bugs. Greater speed means I am over powering the breaks, the increased speed means I now have to install shock absorption’s I am under funded and over worked what else is new

A French design she burned wood rather then coal, wood was lighter, and easier to obtain.

Yes there is a book here but all things in due time ha ha, Merry!