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Steamed Up

NOVEMBER 30, 2010
Currently working on a new series “”Steamed Up, been getting deeper and deeper into steam. Enclosed is a sneak peek into the art and the process of creating this art. I have been making props setting up photo shoots working with modes employing the computer and shooting location shots Queen Steam: This is Mel who is a very talented artist on her own who came up with not only the pose for this photo shoot but the clothing as well. I then worked up the image in Photoshop.

Fist the sketch then a couple of days of walking the streets and picking things up bits of this and that from the street.

The six pounder in development

Working on the HEDA a computerized plasma gun. I have found the dumpster for Teck Service on my early walks to school a big advantage of having eight am Photoshop class.

The HEDA: hydrogen electrically charged plasma gun. This weapon employs a digital component that computes the target distance and the intended target thickness as well as desired penetration. The weapon fires a molten charge that can pass through most armor. A very complicated weapon very few exist.

A very old early hydro gun believed to have its origins in the Middle East. Hydrogen, water and electricity combined in the right portions can make for a potent brew.

Steam Shot, pure steam

Avenging Angel, a parallel world of old iron pipes and dense coal smoke set in England during Ben Franklins time, in fact our main character meets Ben in a brothel in France while he is there acting as our American ambassador abroad. Franklin is trying to get the French to contribute guns and ships for the American cause.She then meets and falls in love with Jack Tuttle a part time some what eccentric English inventor who is building a very early submarine on very limited funds. She introduces Jack to Franklin and when the two connect a plot for world change begins, from here the story builds and goes down many blind alleys and incorporates many turns and twists.

The Recycled Imagination is up at the Society of Illustrators. Here is a portion of the art the works looks kind of regal set on the red wall with dark wood surrounding it. The show runs from November thirty 2010 to December 30. 2010 Yes the opening next secluded for next Friday December 10 will have several models dressed in complete steam attire, all are welcome.