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Back From The Other Side of the World

Chinese Pop photography from fashion magazine based on Chinese traditional Opera. A month in the orient felt a like Marco Polo many stares, but many more smiles, amazing journey, saw no other foreigners during this entire stay in airports
Traditional Chinese art its all about how the brush and how it is handled, went to an opening of a couple of major painters so I got to see the art up close and personal. Many of these works are very large all steeped in culture; the subject matter is very simiular as well.
Here the professor is signing my first painting lesson not bad for a foreigner's first attempt at Chinese brush painting I was told.
Everywhere I turned there was another great shot, I was on the other side of the world, five thousand years of culture amazing!
This was my daily morning ride, humble, simple and extremely practical, Camera was stowed in front basket wrapped in a towel
You know you have it bad when you find yourself sketching in a hotel room at night just outside Thailand and your drawing aerodynamic shapes its been well over a twenty year obsession and still going strong. The exploration low speed aero dynamics, something the rest of the word has little or no interest in. It starts a nineteen miles an hour and its an attempt to fly with two wheels still on the ground more miles for less power! Based on my observations a streamlined bicycle would not work in China simply to much traffic the Chinese do not use signal lights they use the horns. Garbage bikes (three wheel work horses) move at seven mph, bikes do twelve to fourteen mph; motor scooters gas an electric do twenty two to twenty five miles and hour. A streamliner could easily due twenty miles an hour but with the air a little bad and the shear volume of traffic with much stop and go a streamliner would simply would not be a practical option.
The market was colorful hectic and so noisy that I shot free of being observed great opportunity
My camera was firing on over time, had to recharge and download almost every night, this bog is just a small sampling of the great shots I got during this journey
This was a woodcarving from Tibet amazing
Need I mention the food never tasted so many new, strange, and wonderful flavors
In China as in New York you have neighborhoods with money and less finically strong areas as well, this to is true in China
Special thanks to the professor who opened my eyes my mind and my heart