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Summer Series

AUGUST 2, 2013
Friends are starting to drop off various materials that often suggest images. Summer brings ideas that are flowing through the studio and in one, two and three dimensions.
Doodles are a must when ideas begin to flow
Been working on redesigns of both the home and studio this summer Great Grandpa has been has been bounced in favor of our new "Steam Powered Art Factory Poster"
Ideas begin to form for a steam powered fishing ship naturally
A steam fishing ship naturally as a young kid I fished at buoy four in a very small home made speed boat. Every so often a tanker would come through the channel on its way to Bayonne it was about this scale to me in my twelve-foot boat as a looked up and was rocked in its rather large wake
Flying machine designs abound
Exploring the front lines in a lighter then air balloon "Observation Balloon Southern England 1912"
Mechanical flying machine a Leonardo Da Vinci prototype designed in Florence 1592