Scott Bakal
September 2009
The Arrival
This is a small series of paintings titled 'The Arrival'.

I've been drawing this stuff for a year or so now in my sketchbooks and thought I'd bring it into some light.  I decided to try a limited palette with this series and explore simplicity rather than the abstracted color paintings I usually do.  There will be more....

The Mothership Refuels | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
SOLD - The Intergalactic Study of Life on Planet Earth | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
A Curious Liquid | 12"x15" | Acrylic and Ink
First Contact | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
The Cosmic Trigger Finger | 12"x15" | Acrylic and Ink
The Energy Ball | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
Track 2/Primitive Public Transport System | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
SOLD - Housing and Refueling Station | 15"x12" | Acrylic and Ink
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